Welcome to Rise & Shine Counseling. Life is a journey and along the way we all experience grueling uphill climbs, hard falls, damaging wounds, and big obstacles right alongside our triumphs. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, it is my hope to help you explore the hurts and obstacles that hold you back, identify the strengths that carry you forward, and empower you to live authentically and bravely into your unique life; that you may forge deep and meaningful relationships and a path forward in which you rise and shine.

As a pyschotherapist and former AFAA certified Fitness Instructor, I believe deeply in the connection between body, heart, and mind. When we are carrying stress in our heart, we experience physical symptoms in our body. Likewise, overcoming physical obstacles on our journey requires a strong mind and a courageous heart. What we believe about who we are at our core and the messages we tell ourselves can significantly impact our journey and the relationships we develop along the way. I aim to create a warm and safe space for you to tell your story, live fully into your life, and take steps towards overall health on your journey. 

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Melissa Meuzelaar, MA LPC

Rise & Shine Counseling