Hear What People Are Saying About Working with Melissa


"Melissa has been an intricate part of my path to a healthy and thriving life.  She has walked me through life-altering events and helped me maneuver the most difficult time in my life (so far).  I have looked forward to our meetings weekly because my time with her became my "safe place" in my ever-changing and chaotic life.  Melissa is the best I have seen at offering the balance needed to assist in healing.  She is warm and compassionate without making you feel like she is feeling sorry for you.  She genuinely listens and provides insights others are unable to see.  She has provided me tools to maneuver through the trials of life.  I will forever be grateful for God placing Melissa in my life.  I can honestly say she played a major role in my ability to live to see another day." - Natalie M.

"I absolutely loved my Walk & Talk sessions with Melissa. I got to process my grief and life transition and I got exercise at the same time. It was a win win and now I continue to walk and process on my own because she has shown me how to do it. Melissa is one of the most empathetic people I've ever known. And she has the ability to make you feel like what your feeling and experiencing matters. But she also really challenged me when I needed to be challenged and I was (almost) always able to receive it because she had earned my trust with her empathy and compassion. If you are thinking about starting the counseling journey, take the step, and call Melissa." - Carrie D.

"Melissa helps you get to the heart of it and then she helps you figure out how to walk through it. I left my sessions with Melissa feeling unstuck and empowered and for that I am so grateful." - Danielle S.


“Melissa provides an atmosphere for exercise that is safe and challenging for any level of fitness.  I just get to show up and work hard.  She takes care of the rest.  This opportunity/offering is a great blessing in my life.” - Lorrie H.

""Comparison is the thief of all joy."  That is what makes this bootcamp different.  Melissa reminds us often of this truth, and encourages us to work at our own pace and abilities.  I feel more free working out here than I ever have.  - Erin N.