Sometimes the freedom, the healing, and the joy,

is in the journey.

What is Walk & Talk Therapy?

 Walk & Talk Therapy is a unique practice that combines traditional talk therapy with the physical exercise of walking. The therapy session is held outdoors as the therapist and client walk and talk together. 

Why Walk & Talk Therapy?

  • Walk & Talk Therapy gets a client moving, both literally and figuratively. Walking stimulates both sides of the brain (bilateral stimulation) to promote and maintain mental health. 
  • Walking and other forms of exercise increase endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body.
  • Walking and other forms of exercise have been proven to reduce stress, ward off feelings of anxiety and depression, boost self-esteem, improve sleep, increase energy, lower blood pressure, and strengthen your heart, other muscles, and bones.
  • Walk & Talk Therapy takes place outside in a natural setting, which can be both grounding and inspiring.
  • Walk & Talk Therapy is a wonderful alternative for those who may not feel comfortable sitting face-to-face in an office, talking with a stranger about hard things.
  • Walk & Talk Therapy is a great fit for new moms who desire to both get moving again and who want to process the sometimes unexpected emotions that come with the transition to motherhood. With baby's unpredictable sleeping and eating patterns, it can be challenging to find both the time and emotional energy to process through this season. Walk & Talk Therapy allows you to bring your baby with you in a stroller or carrier and allots for extra time to address baby's needs during the session.

How Does it Work?

  • The therapist and client meet at an agreed upon trailhead or walking path and briefly discuss goals for the session.
  • The client sets the pace for the session.
  • The therapist and the client talk as they walk during the session.

Who is Walk & Talk Therapy For?

Walk & Talk Therapy is an excellent choice for clients who are navigating a life transition, experiencing anxiety or depression, coping with grief and loss, working through trauma, struggling with body image, or working to overcome personal or professional obstacles. This mode of therapy also works well for new mothers who are navigating a new schedule and who want to walk with their baby in a stroller or carrier.

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Melissa Meuzelaar, MA LPC

Rise & Shine Counseling